*  Bruce Hinson is a photographer, speaker, instructor, personal coach and author formerly based in Colorado Springs, Colorado, now in Louisville, Kentucky.
*  He has won numerous awards at the state and national professional levels for his photography.
*  As a speaker, he is best known for his program, 5ive Factors for Fantastic Photography, and has written what several industry experts have said is one of the most comprehensive books on the artistry of photography,
Obedience Training for Your Camera.
*  He and his students have used this book in his workshops, which deal primarily with WHY some images are merely mediocre or marvelously magnificent and HOW to use that powerful information, deliberately and with consistency.
*  He is available to speak to your group.
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   This site,"dinosaur" that it is, has served me well for over a decade and is now "marked for demolition."
   Wait 'til you see its replacement: it will be so much better in so many ways. I can hardly wait!
   Meanwhile, what you really came to see: whether I can shoot what you need shot, is easily found; just click on the GALLERIES button at the top and browse whichever categories float your boat.
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