Make it Largest &/or Closest

Congratulations if you’ve been reading all these blogs, starting with A New Way to Learn Excellence in Photography and then doing the assignment from last week.  It shows you’re serious about growing as a photographer and that you will make time with yourself to invest in the phenomenally fun world of photography.

You’re now ready for the 2nd of the Five Factors for Fantastic Photography and it’s simply this: Make your Center of Interest the LARGEST &/or CLOSEST object in the scene. Again, it’s as simple as that. Whenever you or I want to emphasize something in a photo, we show it as the LARGEST &/or CLOSEST  object or set of objects. We show it, or them, more prominently than anything else. That makes sense, doesn’t it!

THE EYE/MIND CONNECTION: When we see all of something,  especially if it’s near to us and larger than anything else in our field of vision, it dominates our attention.

YOUR ASSIGNMENT:  Grab a few copies of National Geographic and look at the photos in terms of how their photographers compel you, the viewer, to notice the Center of Interest. Look for whatever is LARGEST &/or CLOSEST. Whatever grabs your attention quickest is probably the Center of Interest and is LARGEST &/or CLOSEST. See how often this is true!

P.S. Earlier I mentioned something about INTENT.  This is what determines how everything else in your composition is handled. The INTENT is the IDEA, the HEART of your art, the REASON behind what you’re creating, the WHY of it all. As a visual communicator, you need to establish this.  No fuzzy concepts of brilliant images for you!!

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