Bucket Lists

Every photographer has his or her own “bucket list.”  You know, that list of shots you want to take before you kick the proverbial “bucket” (in case you didn’t see the movie by the same name).  Ever since seeing a 20×30″ tack-sharp, HDR, metallic print of this photo, The Crystal Mill, I’ve been itching like a bad rash to get to this place and get this shot.  Aaaaah, finally did it last weekend.  (Thus, the late posting of this blog.)

What’s on your list?  Go ahead, write it down.  Now, give yourself a “do-by” date ’cause if you don’t, it’s just a pie-in-the-sky dream that will have to defy the odds to become a reality.  Next, outline a series of steps you’ll need to take to actually get there and do it.  How much money will it take to get where you want to go and capture what you want to get?  Think of everything you’ll need: money, passport, equipment, knowledge, time, cooperation from others, you-name-it .  Write ‘em all down, give each step a do-by date (aka deadline).

A dream without a plan is like a want without a way to get it.  When we start writing things down, the way to get them becomes clearer.  In my case, I organized the trip for 7 others.  Once I began that process, there was only one likely outcome: I was going.  The above image wasn’t my favorite, but given the aspect ratio of this blogging program, it was the closest one that would fit the space.

YOUR ASSIGNMENT: Decide what you really want to shoot and if it requires some planning, start putting it all down on paper.  Whether it’s travel photography, a book, a vacation or anything else that can’t be done in a day, your chances of success are tied directly to your being able to see it written down.  Have fun putting your dreams on paper and watching ‘em take on life!


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