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  • Insights in Imaging is a totally free, no-strings weekly newsletter for photographers who want to focus on how to “see” better and create more creatively. Click here to subscribe.
  • 5ive Factors for Fantastic Photography reveals the five factors of any image that will either make or break it as a statement of what its maker is trying to say.

  • Going S-T-E-A-D-Y with Your Camera is all about the list of tips, tricks and techniques for avoiding fuzzy photos due to even minor camera shake.

  • Single Shot HDR tells you step-by-step how to capture the tons of detail in high dynamic range scenes – in only a single frame – not several.

  • Residential RE Photography for the DIY-er  When you want your real estate photos to have more appeal than the “other guy,” you need more photographic skill, from shooting to editing, than the “other guy.”

  • Forgive the S.O.B. is for all of us. We’ve ALL had SOBs cause us pain. It’s what we do about it that makes us either bitter or better. Click here to find out how to get your copy for free.

TITLES IN “R & D” MODE, waiting to be made worthy of you.  (These were first written for workshops and put into practice by students.)

  • (working title) How One Photographer Saved the Day for Hundreds of Couples before the Day Arrived (without using his camera).

  • (working title) Wedding Photography Basics for the First-timer or 2nd Shooter
  • (working title) Understanding Sizing, Resolution and Other Icky, Techy Stuff

  • (working title) The Complete Guide to Mastering the Art of Photography in 5+1 Volumes.