Single Shot HDR


There you are, with your camera ready, witnessing an incredible scene! You’ve got time for one shot. That’s it. Just one. In a moment it’ll be gone. It’s now or never. It’s great in every way… except for the light. There’s no way to get the detail you want in both the highlights and shadows. The difference between the two is too great. The really worst part is that there are important elements that are moving; if you shoot several exposure-bracketed frames, using the usual HDR shooting method, those elements will show as blurs. Not good. You’re low on options. Get it now in one shot or not at all. That’s the bad news.

The good news is that you can do it with my

Single Shot HDR method.

That’s right: one shot!

The biggest obstacle to getting a great HDR image, doing it the usual way, is that if any objects are moving while you take all those exposures, those objects will be a blur in your final image… until now.

Oops. Almost forgot. You usually need to lug along a sturdy tripod, with its extra bulk and weight to do HDR the usual way. Then there’s the extra time it takes to attach your camera to it and get it aimed while the scene changes. Ugh. Who’s got time for that when the scene is changing?

In all honesty, it’s best to use a tripod for your important shots but, to use my Single Shot HDR method, it’s not mandatory.

This carefully written, step-by-step, eBook takes you from the start to finish in an easy-to-understand sequence. It shows you how you can take just one single shot – at any shutter speed, f/stop and ISO combination that makes sense for the scene – and get a dynamite HDR image!

Once I figured it out and started using this method I haven’t gone back. My favorite example, so far, of Single Shot HDR has a moving gondola in an urban canal, people milling around and flags waving in the breeze – everything is frozen in time, sharp and crisp. That photo is in the eBook, along with others, to illustrate this break-through technique.

I’d like to see what YOU come up with!

Today, the price on this amazing game-changer is just $17 USD.

But that’s today. Tomorrow, who knows? 

My 30 day no-hassle guarantee says that you will love this ebook,

or I’ll refund every cent you paid.