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I was on somebody’s roof having a doubt attack. A roofing company had hired me to shoot one of their nicer projects to use in a brochure. I was wondering how I was going to make photos of a roofing job, of all things, that would actually be appealing enough for a compelling marketing piece. This wasn’t going to be nearly as easy to get great shots as a trip to a botanical garden!

Then it hit me: “Hinson, just use the same five principles for fantastic photography that you’ve been teaching your students!” (Duh! Proof that even the guy who “preaches the gospel of  Visually Appealing” can have momentary lapses.)

Too many of us photographers, amateurs pros alike, use mainly our gut instincts to inform our decisions of what to shoot and how to shoot it. Sometimes that works. Sometimes not. Rolling the dice does not a great photographer make.

LESSON LEARNED: Because the 5ive Factors for Fantastic Photography works even on a mundane roof, which happily happened here, imagine what they can do for YOU and what you like to shoot! (Assuming YOU shoot more interesting stuff!)


Beyond the Basics

a mini-course

Reading alone isn’t enough 

We don’t truly learn until we apply what we read



  • A lesson for each of the factor-principles.
  • Even more photos to help your understanding of each of the 5 Factors.
  • Read the Feedback, the constructive critique, on the author’s own photos – what was done well and “what might make this one even better.”


  • Enjoy some fun memes!
  • Quotes from other thoughtful photographers
  •  Assignments designed to stretch you a little or a lot. Your choice.


Shooting mainly by intuition won’t cut it consistently. It is literally guesswork, and the results are too often not what we’d hoped for. As artists, we need good instincts, sure, but we need firmer, more reliable guides for our work, too. In this digital world where pixels are cheap and it seems like the rule is to just “shoot and hope,” are there really dependable, scientifically proven principles we can use to create consistently superior images?

Funny you should ask! It’s the same question I began asking back in the “Film Age” and went deep digging to find out if there was an answer. What I came up with was amazing. After quite a bit of unpacking I was able to boil it all down to what is now known as the 5ive Factors for Fantastic Photography.

There is zero risk here. You have a full 60 days to decide. If you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase and want a refund, just ask and you’ll get back your full purchase price.


P.S.  After you download the5ive Factors for Fantastic Photography, you’ll start receiving helpful tips on how to get the most out of it, along with suggested assignments to put what you’ve learned into practice.


  • “Trust your instincts but trust your reason more. Your instincts will show you what to shoot but reason will tell you how to shoot it. “
  • “As your reasoning improves so will your instincts.”
  • “There’s a solid, scientific reason why these secrets succeed. They take advantage of the fact that our eyes and minds react in harmony to what is seen. It’s involuntary and predictable.”
  • [As photographers], “We need both artistic and technical skills to competently create consistently.” [One without the other is like a train with only one track.]


Q?   When will my eBook arrive?

A!     Your eBook will arrive as soon as you order and download it.

Q?     When will my Beyond the Basics arrive?

A!     The first lesson of your mini-course, Beyond the Basics, will arrive about one week after you’ve ordered your eBook. I want to give you that much time to read and digest your downloaded eBook. Each lesson will come as an email. The next four lessons will also be spaced about a week apart to give you time to complete the assignments.

A very little bit ABOUT THE AUTHOR

  • Chief of Photographic Services on government contract, at Diego Garcia, a British-owned island in the Indian Ocean. 1989
  • Sole photographer on what was nicknamed the “Star Wars” project, at highly secure military base in Colorado. 1990 – 1994
  • For more experience detail (See ABOUT Page)
  • Professional Competition Awards, 28 and counting, state and national level (See ABOUT Page)
  • Education: B.A., Colorado Christian University; Completed 2 years at Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara, CA.; Numerous professional workshops and seminars on commercial, portrait and wedding photography
  • Designated a Certified Professional Photographer 2x. Once in the “Film Age” and more recently in this “Digital Age.” (FOR BETTER UNDERSTANDING CLICK HERE)


  • “Bruce is a masterful teacher. His ability to explain the complexities of the art and science of photography in a fun, yet simple way makes him so. I recommend him to anyone who wants to learn photography.” –  Philip C. Chevallard, PhD, Associate Professor of Humanities, Colorado Technical University
  • “You are a natural teacher, who not only knows his subject well, but who knows how to help his students grasp the concepts. You are one of those rare teachers who has inspired me to learn and experiment, and generally feel better about what I am doing in photography. Last but not least, you have a very warm, kind and patient personality.”  –  Kathee H., workshop student
  • For more (humbling) reviews (see In Others’ Words)


You’ve gotten this far, so I’m assuming you’re in love with photography and want to learn all you can. Well, here’s your chance to develop the most fundamental skills you can find toward improving your ability to:

  • communicate competently with a camera!
  • find your voice through a lens!
  • intelligently critique most 2-dimensional art and defend your answer!
  • shoot and edit with unprecedented purpose!

All that and much more for only $37 USD

(This eBook and course are easily worth $94.95 USD, but I want as many who really want this to have it.)