5ive Factors for Fantastic Photography


When composing or editing a scene, gut instincts can help, but they’re unreliable. What is reliable are the 5 Factors that work all the time. They explain why some photos are merely mediocre and others are marvelously magnificent. No more guesswork!



If you’re really in love with photography, you want to learn all you can about this fun and engaging way to express yourself. (Been there and still doing that!)  But there hasn’t been anything that makes clear what really makes one photo great and another, well, not great at all.  Until now.

Using the science behind how our minds react to certain visual stimuli, this eBook reverse-engineers it all to give you a concrete understanding of how to apply it to your images. Imagine being able to purposely and intentionally create photos that grab and hold your viewer’s attention! That’s powerful!