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“Bruce Hinson is a masterful teacher. His ability to explain the complexities of the art and science of photography in a fun, yet simple way makes him so. I recommend him to anyone who wants to learn photography.” — Philip C. Chevallard, PhD, Associate Professor of Humanities, Colorado Technical University, Colorado Springs, CO

Coach / Instructor

“You inspired me to learn and experiment.” — Lana S., Photographer, and Music and foreign language teacher, coaching student, Colorado Springs, CO

“Bruce is one of the best, most perceptive instructors I’ve had.” — Kathie H., mentee

“My kids have beeen winning the lion’s share of awards since you made composition understandable and applicable.” — Ernest W., Photographer and photography teacher, middle school


“If you value competency and dependability over charm and good looks, my husband’s your guy.” — Anonymous

“Bruce, thank you for finding and training your replacement before moving to Kentucky.¬† I guess you knew I didn’t have the time to do it.” — Chris T., Commercial real estate marketer, Long Beach, CA


Always dependable, usually available, quite affordable

Residential Real Estate Photography 

“One call or email to Hinson to shoot a house is all it takes. He takes it from there, usually delivering within about a day. He understands my need for great looking photos, delivered ASAP, so that my properties can finally get on the market after so many contractor delays.” — Erik H., Real estate investor, Louisville, KY